Thursday, October 27, 2011

Review: LiquidSunshineCo. Cheap and Fabulous skincare

I found LiquidSunshineCo while browsing Etsy. Of course, the prices were the first thing I noticed. $1 for the chappy lipbalm . The only problem I had was that the balm was flavored with mint. Mint toothpaste = Yes. Mint Lip Products= No thanks! I sent the owner a message and asked her if it would be possible to get the product in a different flavor. Not only did she say yes but she worked with me over a period of time to develop my custom flavor! How is that for customer service? I mentioned that I just started a blog and was going to give her a glowing customer service review. I had no intention on trying to get these products for free but she sent them to me free of charge anyway. 3 custom chappy lip balms, 1 Working Hands Lotion Bar, and 2 Awaken Me Lotion Bars. Wow was I impressed when I opened up my package. Even more impressed when I used the products. Everything was just lovely.